Grid Series

Artist Development Program



Maker Resonate

Maker Resonate are a hard rock/ post progressive metal band. The band consists of Ryan Wilson, Benjamin Jevanath, Jordan Lalchand and Daniel Eddison. With an onstage chemistry that can only be described as intense and magnetic, Maker Resonate create a sound that is truly immense. With one EP release under their belt, MR are currently preparing working on their next release. 



insta: @makerresonate

fb: /makerresonate





Dimitrios is a Hip Hop artist producing a refreshing and forward thinking blend of variable and eclectic sounds. Drawing on inspiration from artists such as King Krule to Mac Miller, its easy to recognise where the versatility in Dimitrios' music stems from. Still new to the game and filled with ambition, passion and a natural love for the art, keep on eye Dimitrios!


insta: @iamdimitrios

fb: /iamdimitrios




The Moody Spooks

The Moody Spooks are 5 piece experimental rock band.  Not subscribing to any one particular sound, their most recent EP, titled "Lasso Lounge" draws influences from psych, jazz and garage records, all the while maintaining a new and innovative edge. Their live shows are legendary amongst the Mornington Penisnula scene, weaving a captivating web of sonic madness.


fb: /themoodyspooks






GORDON Image.jpg

Gordon Koang

Gordon Koang is a singer/songwriter originally from South Sudan. Singing his songs in Nuer language, Gordon addresses a large array of topics which include human rights abuses, oppression and marginalization. Born blind, but having not let that stop him from spreading his message, Gordon is a self-appointed ambassador for peace and reconciliation, Gordon communicates his message through his soaring vocals and prodigal playing of the Thom and is a proud member of the Asylum Seeker Resource Center.


fb: /gordon-koang-duoth




Sarah Eida


Sarah Eida may strut her stuff with an acoustic guitar, but don't be mistaken, she's no folk artist. Hitting the stage with a banshee wale and a rock n'roll swagger, she will send shivers down your spine. Sarah's songwriting ability can lead you to a poetic mystery, whilst still broadcasting a powerful and clear message of staying true to yourself. 



fb: /saraheidawolflady



Alana Wilkinson

Alana Wilkinson is a singer/songwriter. Capturing life's roller coaster moments and cleverly crafting  them through song Alana's unique story telling captivates audiences far and wide. As a multi instrumentalist, Al showcases her musical storytelling through honesty...and a little over sharing!


insta: @bonesandbeats

fb: /alanawilkinsonmusic


Paper Giants

Paper Giants have been  turning heads in the local scene for the best part of two years. With a monster sound tailor-made for the big stage, Paper Giants' anthemic and personal songs consistently resonate with their ever-growing following. These turn it on live in a big way so their shows are not to be missed!



insta - @papergiantsmusic

fb -      /papergiantsmusic


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AT McMillan

Having called countless cities and town home, A T McMillan is an acoustic singer song/writing. With a super distinct sound  and incredible vocal range and A.T has a reputation of captivating audiences wherever she plays. 




fb - /Andre-T-McMillan