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Daniel Elia

Daniel Elia is an artist, whose music is a force of intuitively written, deeply conceptual raps, over unique instrumentals.

Captivating the listener, he produces music which speaks to both the reality of many, and the ideals that his spirit holds.

Elia's background of dancing at touring events, such as Supafest, inspired him to pursue the life of a musician, after watching many of his favourite artists perform.

At age 19, Daniel began writing lyrics, and dabbling in laptop recordings. It quickly became evident that his natural creativity, and emotional intelligence exploded out of his music.

People were quick to recognise Daniel's talents. He landed a spot to perform at Social Studio's Block Party in both 2015 and 2016, as well as gigging at Laundry Bar, and numerous local and community events.

Elia's gifts are undeniable, and his profound lyrics will pull at your heart strings. 



insta: @iamdanielelia

fb: /iamdanielelia



Agartu is a Oromo-Australian artist, born and raised in the South-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Coming from a gospel background, Agartu has been singing her entire life. Her passion for the art of music, and the power it has to touch and speak to every life and apply to people in their different environments, is what fuels her passion.

Coming from a family with a refugee background and being fortunate enough to travel the world at a young age, Agartu knows first hand the joys, trials and the tribulations that migrants, and vulnerable groups throughout the world face. Agartu's soul, R&B, gospel, hip-hop and jazz inspired sound, aims to tell her story.

'Good thing about music - when it hits you, you feel no pain' - Bob Marley



youtube: /agartudee

insta: @agartudinegde

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A group of 5 up and comers, Gemini Talks have been serving Melbourne punters with a healthy dose of the best elements of psych, pop and rock for the past year.

With their catchy phrasing, their unique brand of guitar tones, psyched out vocals and crunchy, lo-fi drums, Gemini Talks will be the newest addition to your hipster mates' list of favourite band .



insta: @geminitalks

fb: /Geminitalks




Manorism is the dream pop and synth project of Melbourne feelers Stas, Hai, Dames and Shaz.

The band spends most of its time riding bikes around Melbourne's dreary South-Eastern suburbs, in search of A-grade kebabs.

After recording in and out of various studios, the boys have recently taken the reigns of producing and recording their music, in an attempt to create a killer new sound.

Combining the elements of hip-hop percussion, with minimal indie feels, the boys are working hard to create something fresh, and exciting for their fans.

The boys have just completed work on their self-recorded, and produced single 'Ego'.




fb: /manorismband



Kill The Darling


Kill the Darling is a Melbourne-based band, anchored by powerful vocals, hypnotic guitar and a driving rhythm section. Their intensity lies in the careful balance between minimalist purity, and dynamic, layered songwriting. Kill the Darling offer a unique blend of 70's folk and 90's symphonic grunge.

Cutting their teeth on the Melbourne pub circuit, Kill the Darling are a captivating, and dynamic live band.

In 2015, lead-singer Tasha Lloyd embarked on a self funded European tour, playing shows in Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Baden, London and Sheffield, whilst honing her performance skills busking.

2016 saw Kill the Darling reunite, with a fuller sound and more brash, honest songwriting

Early this year, after a  hugely successful Pozible campaign, Kill the Darling launched their single 'The Tower, Our World and its Lovers' to a sold-out audience at the Bakehouse Studios.



insta: @killthedarling

fb: /killthedarling

Stripping on Sunset hi-res.jpg

Stripping On Sunset

Stripping on Sunset are a pop/rock band from Melbourne, whose unique sound has been making waves on the local scene for the past year.

Formed in 2016, the group is fronted by the exquisite vocals of Bailey Sampson.

Members of Stripping on Sunset have played at major festivals throughout the country, including Beyond the Valley, and Future Music Festival, as well as supporting major acts such as T-Pain, Sean Paul, Mya, Tim-o-Matic and The Getaway Plan.

The group gig regularly both around Melbourne, as well as rural Victoria.

The band also take an active interest in the development of local bands within their community, helping them with the development of both their music, as well as their performance.

Stripping on Sunset are: Bailey Sampson (Vocals, Sample pad), Jackson McIntosh (Guitar) and Jed McIntosh (Drums)


insta: @strippingonsunset

fb: /strippingonsunset


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Amber Walker

Amber Walker is a singer songwriter, and actress from Melbourne, who began her musical journey in theatre. 


Since then Amber has extensively studied her art form, both at home and abroad, having worked on her craft in New York, LA and Colarado, developing her sound and songwriting.

Amber appeared on Kirby Hamill's 2014 single 'In Motion', on the 'Rise Vol 1' release from Fort Collins, which achieved a global release. Amber's soaring vocals and infectious songs have created quite a buzz in the local peninsula music scene,  with plenty more new material soon to be released. 



insta: @amberwalkerfofficial

fb: /amberwalkerofficial



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Reilly Stapleton


Reilly Stapleton is an emerging singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, whose honest and powerful lyrics have been melting hearts in the local Peninsula music scene.. She has a unique sound, combining elements of alt, pop and rock to her music. 

Currently Reilly is recording her debut EP, while at the same time still engaging with her local community by booking gigs throughout Melbourne. 



insta - @reillystapletonmusic

fb -      /reillystapletonmusic